Grand Ambitions

The Pabus property on the Sadirac hills barely covers a few acres of vines and a number of plants so small, you could almost assign a name to each of them.

The bunches of grapes flourish with individual attention and are hand picked with infinite care when they are perfectly ripe.

All this effort is for a few hundred litres of a wine with attention lavished on it like a prince. Château Pabus is a top Bordeaux to be discovered by connaisseurs.

Excellent Location

Mr. Robert S. Dow and the Château Pabus team do not compromise when it comes to making exceptional wines.

The determination to make excellent wine is inspired by the quality of the terroir and the example of nearby wine estates producing some of the most exclusive Bordeaux wines.

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A Gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to one of his Commanding Officers

Napoleon Bonaparte was French emperor from 1804 to 1814.

Historical records state that Château Pabus was a gift from the emperor to one of his commanding officers in 1808.

It is highly likely that Napoleon visited Château Pabus between 1807 and 1809.

At that time, Château Pabus was an important agriculture centre in the Bordeaux region, already cultivating vines and producing wine. The domain hosted multiple buildings, including a large farm.

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the Craft of a Team

Pabus wines are also the outcome of the winemaker’s hard work. What would a terroir produce without the craft of the team?

Robert S. Dow takes special care to call attention to the people with whom he creates his wines, insisting that in any piece of work, the style is always set by people.

“in any piece of work,
the style is always set by people

Michel Rolland – recognised as one of the world’s best oenologist – is devoted to the success of Château Pabus. For many years, he has assisted the team throughout the winemaking process. 

The contribution of experts with their knowledge and experience is indispensable when applying the virtues of moderation, balance and respecting the rules in winemaking.

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State-of-the-art Installations

In his quest for excellence, Mr. Dow renovated the wine estate, giving it a fantastic installation: a vathouse for the vinification of wine in oak casks and a second vathouse with resolutely modern stainless steel tanks in which to make the second wine. 

“The whole winemaking installation was completely redesigned. A gangway was constructed over the new tanks. Reshaped floors facilitate the evacuation of winery waste water.”

There is also a cellar for malolactic fermentation and an ageing cellar, both with ideal temperature conditions.

The renovation and construction of the installations have been conducted with special care in order to delicately blend traditional and innovative architecture.

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