The Vineyard

Chateau Pabus

Perfect Conditions for a Superior Merlot

The orientation of the Château Pabus vineyard and the terroir of clay, silt and sand makes it ideal for growing Merlot grapes. These give the wine a rich and elegant taste.
A small portion of the most south-oriented plots allow Malbec and Cabernet Franc to grow. These grapes give the wines extra fruitiness and structure.

Natural Water Basin

The clay in the soil of Château Pabus creates a natural water basin. It assures access to water for the vines throughout the growing season. Additionally, the inclination and remodeling of the surface improves the natural drainage of the vineyard.

This is an important advantage, making the vineyard resistant to increasing temperatures and summer heat waves, which have become a serious challenge for winemakers in Bordeaux.

Proactive Care in Each Row of the Vineyard

Proactive care in each row of the vineyard is the basic ingredient for producing an excellent wine. This will never change. If the fruit isn’t clean, healthy and pure, you can’t make great wine.

After a detailed study of the different plots of the vineyard, rootstocks and clones are carefully selected to be the best adapted to the physical and chemical conditions of the ground.

“Two traditional Bordeaux types
which are rarely brought together.”

The choice of the Merlot and Malbec grape varieties – two traditional Bordeaux types which are rarely brought together – is already distinctive and corresponds to a deliberate decision to be modern.

Planting densities, the number of bunches per vine and rational cultivation techniques are specifically determined in order to produce top quality fruit.